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I was first licensed in 1976 as a Conditional Class licensee. I was grandfathered to General when the Conditional was discontinued. I upgraded to Extra in 1980 at the FCC Office in Detroit, MI. I operated as DA1NJ while stationed in Germany from 1975 - 1978. My MARS call was AE1NJ. I also have an FCC issued commercial General Radiotelephone Operator License.

Make It Easy – Log It!

NTS message traffic handlers are encouraged to file a Station Activity Report (SAR) monthly and a Public Service Honor Role (PSHR) report when qualified. These reports require you to know how many nets you checked into, how many messages you … Continue reading

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QNZ – What It Means And How To Do It

QNZ is an ARRL NTS prosign that is used by net control stations on CW nets to instruct net members to zero-beat their transmit signal with net control’s transmit signal. If every station does this correctly, then all stations should … Continue reading

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Public Service Honor Roll Report – PSHR

From the ARRL web site: Each month in QST‘s Field Organization Reports column, the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) recognizes the efforts of Amateur Radio operators who are active in many aspects of public service. This includes net operations, traffic … Continue reading

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Station Activity Report – SAR

The Station Activity Report, or SAR, is a report of the traffic handled at your station. It is filed monthly, normally with your Section Traffic Manager (STM). In the report, you provide a count of the message  traffic handled by … Continue reading

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Operating Signals

Operating signals, also called Q and Z codes, are used throughout the world. They are used by both civil and military organizations. The most complete list of both Q and Z signals is found in ACP 131(F). This is the … Continue reading

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Contesting Is Great Communications Training

The essence of public service communications is in getting the message from point A to point B. This sounds simple enough when points A and B are in the same county and you have a local repeater that covers the … Continue reading

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CW Shorthand – Cut Numbers

Have you ever heard someone send a signal report of 5NN? Perhaps you knew it was the same as an RST of 599. Sending the letter ‘N’ for a figure ‘9’ is called sending a cut number. While the  N … Continue reading

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